{For those of you who care to follow the stats of my current pregnancy}

Metformin 1000 mg/day
Baby Aspirin 81 mg/day
Dexamethasone .25 mg/day
Prenatal Vitamin 1/day
B-100 Complex Vitamin 1/day
Prometrium 200 mg/day starting 3dpo, 400mg/day starting September 6

LMP: August 7, 2012
BFP: September 6, 2012
EDD: May 19, 2013

12dpo (3w 4d)
hcg: 72
progesterone: 43

16dpo (4w 1d)
hcg: 266
progesterone: 49
doubling time: 51.45 hours

19dpo (4w 4d)
hcg: 652
progesterone: 49
doubling time: 56.44 hours

23dpo (5w 1d)
hcg: 2394
progesterone: 47
doubling time: 52.23 hours

{HEARTBEAT seen on ultrasound 6w1d}

30dpo (6w 1d)
hcg: 12,167
progesterone: 36
doubling time: 69.92 hours

37dpo (7w 1d)
hcg: 31,033
progesterone: 37
doubling time: 126.59 hours


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