We’re 20-something girl and 30-something guy who never thought we’d find ourselves dealing with infertility. Or miscarriage. Or the stigmas, struggles, and hard decisions that come along with it all. This is a place for us to share a little of our journey.

Some things that may be helpful to know:

Sam – me

A – my AMAZING husband! I wouldn’t want to walk this road with ANYONE else. Really. He keeps my head level through it all, and is willing to do absolutely anything I could ask of him. He ROCKS.

T & M – our sweet puppies, without which I’d be lost. They are the ones who keep me grounded and lick my tears away when nothing else could make me feel better. They have my heart.

RE – Reproductive Endocrinologist

Nurse B – My RE’s one nurse that I love!

Nurse K – My RE’s nurse that I don’t so much love.

BFF – my very best friend. A strained relationship for me (although I try not to let it on to her) because she is fertile myrtle. Currently pregnant with twins. Her 4th and 5th.

BFN – big fat negative (pregnancy test)


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