The Belly

So there’s this really unfortunate thing about having PCOS (I mean, besides the whole can’t conceive or carry a baby and your hormones are all out of whack part). The belly. Seriously. How does it work that those of us who want nothing more than a belly with a baby inside gain weight at the thought of a donut right there. The epitome of a “food baby” I guess.

Now that I am currently pregnant, I still find myself wishing that belly away. At some point I won’t and I’ll embrace it, but it’s brought me pain to this point. It’s brought struggle. It’s a reminder of the disease that has changed my life.

I’ve worked very hard over the last 5 months to lose 30 lbs and keep it off. But that belly? Still hangin’ on.

We were at an amusement park with some friends a couple weeks ago (actually, the weekend I conceived! Ha). Both the wife of the couple we were with (T) and I noticed a girl about to get on a ride. She had a big belly, and T said to me “wow, I could have swore that girl was pregnant!” and I cringed. My heart sank. I wondered if she had PCOS. It’s only been said to me or asked of me once, by a 5 year old, if I have a baby in my belly. But I wonder if there are others walking around who are thinking “wow, I could have swore that girl was pregnant!”. Hmm…

One thought on “The Belly

  1. auntmimi2010 says:

    I have had people ask me if I’m pregnant before! It’s a shitty feeling. That’s why I’m taking off the weight like you. I never want people to have to ask me that again until I actually am knocked up.

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