A Dose of Perspective

I had a whole post ready to go earlier, whining about this and that… bla bla bla…

But now – now I sit here sobbing with a heart that’s breaking for others.

It started this afternoon when my sister texted me. She has roommates – a couple expecting a baby in January. Today, my sister went with to the ultrasound, and they discovered the baby is not going to make it and they will be terminating the pregnancy. While usually I would be peeved at the text about her unwed irresponsible roommate, today my heart is broken for her. No one should feel the pain of losing a baby. No one.

Then tonight I ran to the grocery store. Because we wanted bread with our dinner. As I was driving out of the parking lot I saw a little family (mom, dad, ~3yo, and infant) sitting on the curb with a sign. They need money and food. And I’m whining. Me. The one in the fancy red car I’m driving to my huge, beautiful home, with bread I just bought because I simply wanted it. And this little family would give anything for just a piece of it.

I sobbed all the way home.

That was a dose of perspective I needed today.

ETA: we went back after dinner to bring them a bag of groceries and toys for the kiddos. But they were gone 😦

One thought on “A Dose of Perspective

  1. Kathy says:

    I appreciate how experiences like you shared about here can change your perspective. Thank you for sharing. That was so kind of you to go back and unfortunate that the family had left where you saw them earlier.

    I hope the things that you wanted to write about originally are not bothering you quite as much now and can see what a kind heart you have.

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