Home Depot

First of all, I have to just say a huge thank you for your sweet comments on my last post. It had been on my heart for a few days and I needed to get it out there. Justine even gave me a shout out on Stirrup Queens Friday Blog Roundup. Wow. Color me h-o-n-o-r-e-d!! [side note: I had never even heard of Stirrup Queens before, but wow… Go check it out!] I’m grateful it resonated with you ladies, as that is truly my heart in this all.

I checked out all of your blogs and started following you as well. I’m grateful for the community I already have found.

Moving on…

Yesterday A and I were at Home Depot. We walked past the plants, and A made a comment about how we should get the yard ready to do some landscaping/planting next summer. Now you should know, we moved into our house last February. We are both Minnesota born and raised, but A’s job moved us halfway across the country late last year. We now reside in Missouri – where we have experienced very unexpected heat this summer. I mean HEAT heat. Ridiculous. At the beginning of August we had already had 22 days over a hundred degrees (which doesn’t take in to account the rest of the days where the heat index was past one hundred) and were over 12 inches under average for rainfall. Absolutely ridiculous. Critical Drought. Everything, and I mean everything, here is dead and burnt. We have no grass, no plants, and our trees our losing leaves from the stress. I have never experienced anything like this! Needless to say we have done nothing in our new house for plants and landscaping. When A suggested we get the yard ready and plant next summer I just said “meh, it’ll all just die” and he said “well, not if you water it” “but you have to pay for that…

Why can’t it just rain for us – for free!! – like it does for everyone else?”

And then my infertile mind went to that place. The place where I also wonder:

Why can’t we just have sex – for free!! – like everyone else?

Ha! Please tell me I’m not alone and you’ve had this thought. No. Fair.

Then this popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook yesterday

And I’m thinking we might just have more luck finding a baby at Home Depot. Ha again.

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